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Sketchy Stories 

The process of sketching is a free and relaxing way to play about with pen strokes and find different ways in which you might depict whatever you’re trying to draw. Sometimes these sketches are neat and precise, other times not so much.

Sketches are really rough works of art brainstorming and are not often expected to be perfect. Neither is one attempt of sketching ever enough to decipher your end result. It is rather a blueprint by which you guide your way to achieving on paper what you have on mind. 

Sometimes these works of brainstorm are as effective and intriguing as what you may have imagined, or even better. It so happens that the sketch style itself becomes an artwork of its own. With no definite lines and haphazard strokes each sketch becomes its own unique work. 

I have been experimenting with different styles of illustration, most of the times they don’t make the cut. But somehow I found my place in this style of rough rustic sketching where, in essence, its all scribble but carefully constructed scribbles. After long months of focusing in perfection and precision with my mandalas and zentangle work this process seemed freeing and exhilarating. 

Here are a few of my latest sketch work:


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