Splatter and Pattern

I had mixed some paint in the shade of sea green and aqua for a personal project and had some left over. Thought not to waste it and ended up using it as a lovely background for this task.  

The Splatter like background was created using some bubble wrap. I brushed a generous  amount of diluted paint on a small square of bubble wrap and gently pressed it on paper, slightly applying pressure to move around the paint a little.  And for some places I simple dabbed on the pattern with no ceremony.  This gave it a patterned an off patterned look. I also added a bit of green to give it some depth. 

And for the pattern I chose something that look like a half cut citrus fruit, although it seems to look like a flower as well. In order to make it circular I drew myself a guiding circle with pencil using a compass. Then it was a matter of drawing elongated shapes pointing towards the center of the circle. 

The pattern may seem lost amidst the loud background but this illustration has the tendency to contrast itself differently with every angle it’s looked at. 

I hope you liked this post, and the illustration. Tell me what you think


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