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Inspirational vs Intentions 

An inspiration can be an amazing thing, it can help you gear up and turn a new leaf, it is something that enlightens a dull mind to do amazing work. It there and it is everywhere, but it isn’t something that should be sought so often. Rather, I think, it is the inspiration that finds you. And when it does, make sure you act upon it or at least capture it in words and not just in memory. 

Until then, should you be waiting and doing nothing? No, you have to go about with your work. You must do what you set out to do for that is what matters more and that is what gets you the results. An inspiration is a fleeting moment, doesn’t last long. Even when you keep revisiting it it seldom has the same effect on you.

It does no good to give importance to things that have less value in a grander scale of things. What is valuable is effort. It is our persistence and determination that makes the best of us better than the rest. It is your decision to know what to allow into your mind that makes you progress or regress. If you have a goal then please do move forward, even though you may be riddled with doubts. Guidance will come only if you’re making the necessary effort. 


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