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A Study in Zen

February has come and gone without much event, at least on my side of life. My mind had been preoccupied by other entities to have had my full focus on artwork alone. Although they may feel not so significant now, I really did accomplish certain things that I normally don’t.  I began to incorporate more color than usual on my artwork, I had completed almost 11 individual works and most astonishingly, I managed to complete two A3 pages filled with my tangles; and even started on a third one. I am usually very doubtful and nervous when going big, but this time I seem to have slowly overcome that barrier. I had no plans for the February as I do now for March, but I do seem to have moved up the ladder a bit in this whole journey of Inktangle. And talking about climbing the ladder how can I not mention the most incredible initiative of starting a blog. This was a very bold move for me since I tend to be a very secretive person.

My artful plans and intentions for the month of March

This month started off very discretely. Mostly due to the fact that we are very unaware and unused to having a 28 day month, I mean it only happens once a year. And so it seems that March may have arrived 3 days earlier than scheduled. Nevertheless, this month I do have some specific intentions on how to progress in learning and sharpening my creative skills. I intend to focus on working with Zentangles, the conventional practice and patterns of it as opposed to the offshoot version of what I do. My goal is to have more knowledge base of the various patterns and become versatile in using them along with other art forms that I carry out. It is only practice that makes perfect.  Also, learning something new does indeed stretch and exercise the intellect and creativity. Something everyone needs t o do once every few months.

Apart from having to do with learning something new, I objectively wish to focus on the ways in which I could assimilate them ways other than what they are commonly used for. I really do want to comprehend the habitual methodology behind it and create a broader and more complete imagery using those patterns. Usually, the zentangle tiles I see are merely an amalgamation of various patterns without any start or stop. This may be the intention behind the art and why it had become a thing in the first place and I have no hostility with it whatsoever. I just want to explore what more can be done with it.

An A3 illustration I did early last year. The Border is a variation of the Zentangle pattern ‘Zonked’

Here are a few Zentangle Patterns that I chose to concentrate on:

  • Kalaneho
  • Start
  • Vlace
  • ZTrick
  • Shasta
  • Pystil
  • Curl on
  • Geerandola
  • Modern Nipa
  • Florez

If you wish to accompany me exploring these Zentangles do let me know. It would be nice to see how differently you’d utilize these patterns. I will feature your drawings along with mine during the course of this month or at the end of it. (Follow me on Instagram (@inktangle) to see how I’m getting along. Or follow the tag #AStudyinZen, and use the same to tag along your experiments.) 

I do hope I am making sense. Writing on this subject is very new to me and I am not sure if I am striking a chord with any of you, your feedback will be of immense help. I do seem to have babbled quite a bit here, and I do hope I follow through all that I have intended and said (lol). Usually whenever I plan something I ahead I get pelted by the bombardment of doubts and won’t follow through. Maybe by proclaiming here I would see more gravity towards my goals and strictly adhere to them. I wish you all well for a lovely month ahead.

P.S. If you haven’t noticed the characteristic form of a title, it was enthused by the Sherlock Holmes audiobooks I have been listening to. Namely, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. Although A Study in Scarlett wasn’t a part of this edition, its memory intervened when thinking of a title for this post.


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