The Inktangle Blog


Welcome to the Inktangle art blog

I’ve been contemplating for months and months to have a website pertaining to my creative endeavors. I have not even in the least given any glimpse into the creative process that tunes every illustration of mine, or the many things I have picked up, explored and learned during this journey. And there are many valuable lessons I have acquired through pursuing this path.

Inktangle started way back in 2014. It all started off as a simple a hobby, an escape to clear my mind and put my time to good use. I loved to draw, I was fascinated by how one could create something so  beautiful and extravagant with a little effort and a whole lot of concentration and dedication. I was also surprised by how I could produce beautiful illustrations without any prior training in any art forms.The endeavor then evolved into something much more significant and worthwhile. After two grand years later, here I am with a humble blog.

What you will find in this site:

  • General musings on my artwork. The inspiration behind it, what it signifies (usually nothing , I just felt like drawing it), how long it took to finish, and any other interesting information that may come across.
  • My journey through these 2 years, and more, of intensive practice and learning. All that i have learned , and learning.
  • Drawing tutorials. How to do stuff, simple and complicated.
  • Islamic Geometry. Each of the art forms come with some rich history, and I am guessing I will be writing extensively about them, as I am learning its methods.
  • How you can use art for therapy.
  • Quran Journalling. Certain excerpts and pages from my Quran Journal.
  • Mostly all that comes to my mind that is related to art.
  • Worksheets and Freebies. Yes! there will be collectibles and free prints.

If there is anything more you’d like to see here do let me know. Comment away!


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